Tornado Springs Construction Update July 2019

Tornado Springs Construction Update July 2019

July 14, 2019 Construction Updates Paultons Park 0


With Paultons Park’s new multi-million-pound land opening in 2020, construction is already well underway to complete this expansion. On the 11th of July, I explored the surrounding site to see how Tornado Springs was progressing.

The first and most noticeable change since my last visit was how the construction walls have now been updated displaying new promotional images. Some of the graphics include never seen before concept art images. These new illustrations help give us a glimpse at all of the incredible details that will be coming to land once built.

Speakers have also been installed all around the site which plays a radio station based on the story/town that Tornado Springs is based around. It really helps set the mood and atmosphere for the land, even before it’s open.



The general construction site is progressing at a rapid pace, with plenty of the attraction’s footprints already visible.

Some of the attractions surrounding the construction site including the Windy Castle Ride and The Victorian Carousel, allow for some great vantage points to give us a sneak peek at the site.



For the rest of this blog post, I will be analysing each of the new rides/experiences individually to help you understand where and what is progressing along.

Buffalo Falls

The most progressed/finished attraction within Tornado Springs is Buffalo Falls. Located next to Peppa Pig World, this attraction is a water dingey slide, which is a retheme of the already existing ride called Wave Runner.

The main reason why this ride is so far along in construction is due to the fact it will be opening early on the 21st of July 2019.


Storm Chaser

The new headliner attraction opening within Tornado Springs will be called Storm Chaser, a new family spinning coaster. The station’s steel has now been erected and concrete is currently being poured to form the walls and floors. The Coaster will dominate the skyline of Tornado Springs and will offer guests a completely new coaster experience, unlike anything Paultons Park currently has. From the looks of it, I would say roughly 85% of the footers (The Roller Coaster Supports) are complete and they are most likely to be done within the next couple of weeks.


Al’s Auto Academy

This attraction will be a driving school located next to the 4D cinema. Not much has happened here yet, however, markings can be clearly seen on the ground outlining were roads and structures will go. Two medium sized buildings have already been built for this attraction, which gives us a glimpse of what some of the Tornado Springs buildings will look like.


Al’s Garage

Themed as a petrol station, this will be a shop where you can buy treats and merchandise in relation to the land. It will be located directly next to Jesse’s Diner and will overlook the main plaza area of Tornado Springs.

Jesse’s Diner

Themed around a classic diner, this restaurant will offer plenty of refreshments to keep the guest satisfied with a wide offering.

Both Jesse’s Diner and Al’s Garage are progressing nicely, with the main steel framework in place. By having the main skeleton of the buildings built, it really helps us get an understanding of where and how it will look once complete.



Windmill Towers

This attraction is two new family drop towers, which will be located opposite Buffalo Falls. Not much has happened on this bit of land so far, but markings are now in place which means foundations and vertical construction will begin soon.




Paultons Park’s most thrilling ride to date will be introduced with this new land, in the form of Cyclonator. This is a gyro swing attraction, which will send guests soaring through the sky.

Due to its location in the land, it will most likely be built last due to the way the construction site offices are currently occupying this area.



Trekking Tractors

The last attraction in the new area will be another re-themed attraction of the Trekking Tractors. This ride is still currently operating as normal and is expected to be remodelled/updated in the closed season, to fit into the new land. They have repainted a few of the tractors already as seen below, perhaps to see how they would look before the full transformation.



As time progresses and the site becomes more complete, we will be covering every construction milestone here on Coaster Connection. So stick around for the latest!


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