Haunted House Monster Party: Review

Haunted House Monster Party: Review

June 14, 2019 Legoland Windsor Reviews 0


For the past few years, Legoland Windsor Resort has been planning and constructing a new attraction for 2019. The ‘Haunted House Monster Party’. It officially opened on the 13th of April and has become a popular attraction at the theme park. On the 12th of June, I headed down to Legoland to see if it would live up to my expectations.


The Atmosphere

Even before you enter the attractions plaza, the non-themed section of the show building (the warehouse enclosing the attraction) can be seen from various areas within the theme park, which slightly ruins the magic before you’ve even entered the queue. However, if you imagine your someone whos Legoland’s age demographic, I don’t think they would notice or care about it that much.

The facade and overall theming is to a high standard and features plenty of fun, photographic LEGO models. Complementing the ride inside and out is some incredible music/audio which really sets the mood for the attraction. It’s such a catchy and uplifting tune, which is a personal highlight of this new attraction.

The queue isn’t much to rave about but it does the job whilst having some fun interactive games/elements to keep the younger ones entertained whilst you queue. Once you’ve been put into groups, you then make your way into the haunted house and begin the experience/attraction.


The Pre Show

The first element of the ride is a pre-show which helps introduce the story and gets you ready for the main attraction. Various lighting effects, disco balls and TV’s are all used within this room which interact with the guests nicely. This attraction also utilises smell pods to help immerse all of your senses into the experience, a common addition in new theme park attractions.











The Main Attraction

Once you step inside the main building, this is where you get to participate in the mind-numbing experience were the walls around you spin. The building is themed as a banquet hall where all of the guests are invited to a monster party. All of the guests I was accompanied by whilst on the attraction were humming and clapping to the music and were clearly loving every second of it. It would’ve been nice to see a few more lego models/effects on the main table, due to the fact I felt it lacked a role within the rides experience. Apart from that, it was a very enjoyable ride.

When compared to ‘Hex’ at Alton Towers (which is the same ride type), it’s definitely not as good. However, it still delivers a fun mind-numbing experience that you come to expect from these types of rides.

Motion Sickness

Luckily for me, I don’t suffer from any kind of motion sickness, so I was able to enjoy this attraction with no issues. Unfortunately, the group in front of us someone did have motion sickness, resulting in the ride being shut down for 15 minutes due to ‘Technical Difficulties’, aka sick. So take this as a word of warning.

As with any ride, this is expected but it definitely made me question if it was the best choice/type of attraction to build considering Legoland’s young age demographic.

The Verdict

Overall the ‘Haunted House Monster Party’ is a top 5 attraction at Legoland Windsor Resort and is a ride you don’t want to miss on your next visit (unless you have motion sickness). It lacks in a few small areas, but they have still managed to create a fun family attraction that’s entertaining for all ages. I would give it 4.4 out of 5.




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