Paultons Park celebrates Peppa Pig becoming a ‘super brand’ status by e-commerce Tmall

Paultons Park celebrates Peppa Pig becoming a ‘super brand’ status by e-commerce Tmall

December 18, 2018 Announcements 0


To mark the start of the new partnership, Tmall executives attended a ceremony held at Peppa Pig World on Monday, December 17, along with the platform’s mascot and representatives from Entertainment One (eOne). The ceremony included a tour of Peppa Pig World, speeches by key individuals, and the introduction of Peppa Pig to Tmall’s mascot.

The ceremony was held not only to celebrate the partnership but also to inspire fans of Peppa Pig in China to visit the UK and Peppa Pig World. In the first half of 2018, the UK has seen a record number of visitors from Chinese tourists, which is up 19 per cent compared to the same period last year*, with theme parks highlighted as one of the most sought-out tourist attractions.


Mike Hu, President FMCG at Tmall said: “Since its launch three years ago in China, Peppa Pig has become a beloved brand for families. To celebrate naming Peppa Pig as one of our super brands, it seemed only fitting to travel to the home of Peppa Pig to commemorate the start of our partnership We are thrilled to give the  more than 600 million annual active consumers on our China marketplaces the opportunity to enjoy special discounts and promotions on Peppa Pig merchandise.”

This new partnership really makes you think about the success IP’s can have within theme parks. When Peppa Pig World opened back in 2011, visitor numbers to the park increased from 500,000 per year to 1 million. With the massive crowds Peppa Pig World brings in rain or shine, there’s no surprise that Peppa Pig has a large presence at Paultons Park.

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