Paultons Park Construction Fall 2018

Paultons Park Construction Fall 2018

November 8, 2018 Speculation 0

On the 27th October, I headed down to Paultons Park to experience their Halloween event, as well as enjoying the attractions late into the night. I noticed throughout the day lots of new construction and changes happening all around the park. Within this blog, I will be providing you with photos of all of the new changes and updates at PP (Paultons Park).

The first change I noticed whilst at the park was the new pelican encloser which is now located by the water mill. Paulton’s is also relocating and rebuilding the flamingo enclosure, previously near Wave Runner, which will now be located near the back of the main gardens. However, this site is now surrounded by a large scale construction project which looks like the land will be used for an future investment.

It’s fantastic to see the park investing and keeping the park fresh with these new enclosures.

Between Peppa Pig World and the main car park is a large field that has reminded empty for many years. As you can see from the pictures below, construction fences and preparation has been set up for what appears to be a large scale project. With the recent relocation of the pelican and flamingo enclosures (which was located in this area). I believe PP is preparing this area of the park for a future investment/land.

It was also recently discovered that PP earlier this year trademarked five new names. Storm Chaser is under the class 28 which is for “Technical apparatus for leisure purposes, namely roller coasters”.  The other trademarks included Tornado SpringsAl’s Auto Academy, Route 83 and Al’s General Store. This heavily suggested that a new land is defiantly in the works for the future.

This could just be some new staff/backstage facilities, but with everything that’s happening and surfacing recently, I believe this could be part of something BIG. Only time will tell. Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed for the park so far, so everything discussed within this blog post is purely speculation.

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