Tully’s Shocktober Fest 2018 Review

Tully’s Shocktober Fest 2018 Review

October 16, 2018 Reviews 0

For the first time this year, I visited Shocktober Fest which is a dedicated scare event which runs throughout October. It’s home to 7 scare mazes and 2 other experiences, including a Haunted Hayride as well as the Circus of Horrors. I was kindly invited to the press night to experience everything the event has to offer. Let’s just say. It was outstanding!

The Atmosphere

With roaming actors around every corner, and live music playing throughout the night. The atmosphere at Shocktober Fest was fantastic. The whole event was extremely lively with plenty of people enjoying the night. There is plenty of food outlets/offerings at the event to indulge in. It’s a very different atmosphere compared to a theme park. But you still get the same build up and anticipation that you do with theme park attractions before you enter the mazes. Music can be found within and outside the mazes which really adds to the atmosphere. Fire effects can also be found throughout the event such as the centrepiece theming element which can be seen below.

The Scare Mazes/Attractions

All of the mazes I experienced were heavily themed and most importantly, scary/intense. All of the mazes were of great length and were all fully themed. Each maze has a fully thought out storyline which means each actor and set pieces are there for a reason. The event has a variety of different types of mazes such as Twisted Clowns which is a 3D maze, VIXI which is a hooded maze as well as the free-flowing mazes. All of the mazes have their own unique effects/scares which makes them all different. The only maze which I felt lacked the scare factor was The Creepy Cottage. I felt this maze lacked jump scares and had tame interactions with the visitors.   The Haunted Hayride was definitely a highlight of the night which has some great set designs and interactions with the actors. The Chop Shop was my favourite maze at the event as it had the most jump scares and best actors in it out of all the mazes. Below you can find my live reactions through the maze.

The Actors and Staff

Throughout the night the staff were very kind and helpful, making sure the night ran smoothly and efficiently. The actors in the maze and roaming around the event looked fab. They were giving their performance 100% throughout the entire night. There wasn’t one actor that I could find that looked tired or demotivated which really makes a difference.

The verdict

Tully’s Shocktober Fest is an amazing event which you don’t want to miss. It’s a great place to go with your mates to make some hilarious memories. For this year’s event, I would give it 9/10 overall.

BIG thank you goes out to Shocktober Fest team who gave me this opportunity to visit and promote the event. I hope I can return next year, to do it all over again!


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