New Changes Could be Coming to “X” in 2018

New Changes Could be Coming to “X” in 2018

December 1, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Now that the 2017 theme park season is over, you can expect a lot of theme parks to be announcing their new 2018 attractions. Chessington World of Adventures and Paultons Park and other UK theme parks have already revealed to the public whats coming to their parks in 2018. But Thorpe Park’s new attraction for 2018 was still a secret. Until today  (1st of December).


Thorpe Park Resort on the 1st of December has submitted some new plans to the Runnymede Borough Council to try and get approval for some new changes to the exterior of the X roller coaster at the park.


So what would change?


The new proposal would see the removal of the current entrance to X and it would be replaced by a new Watchtower. Within the watchtower there would be a new bag drop off area as well as a section of the building would be for a pre-show. perhaps in this room you will watch something on a TV to find out more about the ride’s storyline or it could just be a photo opportunity that Merlin Entertainments likes to put at the start of some of the queues for their attractions.

The plans also show a large generator next to the watchtower as well as many other theming elements around the new entrance. The new entrance area will also have a new queue area. A chain fence will also be surrounding the entrance plaza with a tall chain fence. It will be similar to the fence currently located in the Saw The Ride queue line. all of this, in my opinion, leads to one theme. The walking dead.

Why do I think it will be themed to the Walking Dead?


Well if you follow us on twitter or facebook you will know we shared one of Thorpe Parks Resorts end of year recap videos. Within the last few seconds in the video, there is a small tease about what’s coming. The 2018 text suddenly turns red and starts shaking rapidly. This text alongside the video post also says that we will meet Thorpe Park in the safe zone in 2018. The safe zone could be a reference to a location in the walking dead which is an area free from the walkers.


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