DECODING: Alton Towers Resort Secret Weapon Programme – Episode 2

DECODING: Alton Towers Resort Secret Weapon Programme – Episode 2

October 22, 2017 Speculation 0

On the 22/10/2017 Alton towers on their YouTube channel officially released episode two of their miniseries about their new wooden roller coaster coming in 2018, SW8. The video suddenly gets interrupted halfway through with it displaying hundreds of the symbols which the park has been using to promote to the coaster via secret messages.


Here are all of the translated symbols within the video.


“We interrupt this to bring you good news you are invited to a celebration, a celebration of our earth and its beauty. All this noise, all this technology, it’s too much isn’t it there’s no time or space to think is there. Deep down you know the truth, don’t the technology has now taken the reigns, the reigns. How did you get here, maybe it doesn’t matter, what matters is this chance, your opportunity to reconnect, to reconnect with the earth. Come join us near the woods and partake in our celebration, our celebration. How far you choose to go, that is your choice, what part your choose to play, only you can decide be chosen on the night where the living meets the dead. The welcoming.”


What could this mean? I guess we will just have to wait and see!


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