Can Teasers for Upcoming Attractions be Misleading?

Can Teasers for Upcoming Attractions be Misleading?

October 1, 2017 Uncategorized 0

As the 2017 theme park season comes to an end, SW8/WickerMan at Alton Towers is well underway for its opening in 2018. Merlin Entertainments who own’s Alton Towers typically likes to try and advertise their new upcoming attraction early; they do this by displaying promotional images on the construction fences for the new rides. Sometimes these teasers can end up being misleading and irrelevant.

One example of this is with Derren Browns Ghost Train. The first teasers we were shown from this attraction was in the form of two different billboards saying. “THE ISLAND LANDSCAPE IS CHANGING” as well as “THERE’S A DARK SECRET COMING”. Although these do give a small indication of what’s to come, the background and the colours on the billboard and completely irrelevant to the attraction.

A few more examples of this is with the Smiler/SW7 where there were random strands of Silver DNA scattered across the construction site. SW8/Wiker Man has also contained, in our opinion, many misleading teasers. For example, the early billboards contained lots of pirate-themed graphics on it. We now know this will not be its theming, these designs were most likely of been chosen to fit into the mutiny bay area of the park.

I like to think that Merlin Entermients likes to do their adverting within the park in these three different phases.

  • PHASE 1

This is where they show some text just announcing that a new attraction is coming very soon.

  • PHASE 2

This is where they start to show some real teases of what the new attraction could actually be.

  • PHASE 3

This is when the attraction has been officially announced so they start to advertise what the ride will be in full detail including it’s (Name, Opening date and what type of attraction it will be).


If we apply this idea to SW8/Wicker Man at Alton Towers. We could then expect to see an official announcement soon of what this coaster will be.


What do you think?


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