BREAKING NEWS: Paramount Pictures Ditches The London Theme Park Project

It was recently announced that Paramount Pictures has abandoned the London Paramount project which was a collaboration with the London Resort Company Holdings to built a 972-acre resort with theatres, attractions, hotels and Europe’s largest indoor water park. The London Paramount project has experienced multiple pushbacks for the opening of the new entertainment complex. This project has also had the local residents in anger with the project. Why? Because they fear that there will be a traffic increase to the local area which would come along with the opening of the new London Paramount project.



So What’s The Future Of The London Paramount Project?

This isn’t the end of the project with the London Resort Company Holdings still continuing the project just without any of the Paramount Pictures IP’s.


Aardman Animations, BBC Worldwide, and the British Film Institute have signed an agreement with London Resort Company Holdings to feature attractions from the company’s such as:


  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Shawn The Sheep
  • Wallace and Gromit

Just to name a few that could be coming.



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