Thorpe Shark Hotel Review 2017

Thorpe Shark Hotel Review 2017

April 15, 2017 Reviews 0

All the way back In April, we visited Thorpe Park Resort to try out their on-site accommodation, Thorpe Shark Hotel. In this review, I will be showing you our experience of when we visited on the 7th and 8th of April.

Because we have a Merlin annual pass, we were able to a get a deal for the Thorpe Shark Hotel; this included one family room, unlimited buffet breakfast and unlimited fast track for our second day between 9:30 am – 11:00 pm. The cost per person was £34 for our deal.

On our first day, we entered the park and headed to the small reception building for the Thorpe Shark Hotel.

Here, we were given our unlimited fast track wristbands, our room key and we also booked a table for the Fins Bar and Grill at 7:15 pm. (Tip: On our visit, the Fins Bar and Grill wasn’t that busy with plenty of empty tables, so if you are visiting the resort when it’s not very busy we recommend that you don’t need to book a table)

(Photo above: This is where you turn right at the end of the bridge and head down to the hotel)

(Photo Above: Here is a photo of the large shark entrance which you go through when you are heading to your room)

(Photo Above: The shark is made up of lots of Thorpe Parks old signage from its old rides, shows and attractions)

(Photo above and below: We headed to our room and drop our bags in our room and then had a look at the incredible view! You can also sometimes see people doing water skiing on the lake)

We then headed to the park and enjoyed a couple of hours of rides before the park closed. After that, we headed back to our rooms and waited for our booking at the Fins Bar and Grill restaurant. The room itself is very small but does the job of proving some were to sleep and relax. It has a flat screen TV with many different TV channels, films and also has Spotify and YouTube!

The Dome is the only part of the resort open to hotel guest when the park is closed, but you can walk around a small area outside of the dome and admire some of the incredible views and sunset backdropping the Thorpe parks coasters.


The food at Fins Bar and Grill was appetising with most of the items on the menu themed to the coasters at the park. The food was restaurant quality and not like the theme park food that you would normally receive. I would give Fins Bar and Grill overall a 9 out of 10.


When we got back to the Thorpe Shark Hotel we enjoyed the beautiful views from outside our room overlooking the lake.

Now, when it comes to the room. The room was clean and the beds were good, there was aslo a rainfall shower and basic toiletries. However, the room was reasonably claustrophobic but if you can deal with that and aren’t 6ft tall you should be fine with the rooms. Overall, I would give the room a 7 out of 10 but I wouldn’t recommend going with any group larger than 3 unless you are travelling with children.

We finished our day at the Thorpe Shark Hotel by having breakfast in The Dome (You have your breakfast at the Fins Bar and Grill). Unfortunately, our breakfast experience wasn’t very good. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the equipment or the staff, there just wasn’t much to offer. I mean it wasn’t the worst breakfast I have ever eaten but not that good compared to outer UK Merlin theme park hotels. 6 out of 10 for the breakfast.

We then headed to the park and enjoyed our free fast track and actually managed to get on all the coaster at the resort by 11 am, even some of them twice all thanks to the wristband!

So here are the pros and cons of the Thorpe Shark Hotel at Thorpe Park.


  • Great place to stay if you have been travelling far and need the basics to sleep for one night.
  • Look out for the best deals because we made up the cost of the room just unlimited fast track from our deal!
  • Great views of the lake around Thorpe Park and of the coasters when the park is closed.
  • Would be great for crashing after events at the resort for horror nights and ministry of sound.


  • Not the best breakfast compared to other merlin hotel theme parks.
  • Small space and very Claustrophobia for some people.




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